UG Motor Graders

Poorly maintained haul roads can lead to a huge amount of damage and extra cost in an underground mine. Veekmas Ltd has designed motor graders for continued use in arduous underground conditions. Veekmas UG motor graders have been especially and originally designed for hard underground conditions. That is why their suitability for underground operation, mechanical efficiency, and finally the superior working results, are incomparable.

Especially strong construction

Veekmas UG motor graders have such technical features that our competitors’ products do not have. The constructions of the frame, drawbar circle and chassis are very strong. The welded boxed frame does not bend even in the hardest working circumstances. There are no ball joints on our motor graders as the construction of the joints system consists of straight pins and bushings.

Advanced hydraulic system

Veekmas UG motor graders have low oil pressure and advanced hydraulic system with an automatic hydraulically operated blade shock suspension installation which gives the motor graders increased ability to absorb impact damage normally associated with hard rock mining conditions.

Customized quality

We always pay close attention to our customer’s special demands and custom-design each motor grader to suit its particular application. For us, quality means before all economic efficiency and long term profitability. Seamless cooperation and open communication between parties ensure a practical and long-lived quality product which has high resale value.

High-quality components and easier maintenance

High quality is reflected in the whole life cycle of the product. Meaningful placement and good availability of components as well as openable engine bonnet facilitate maintenance. In comparison with more lightly constructed motor graders, need for spare parts and repairs is substantially reduced due to the heavy construction and the high quality components.