Veekmas FG 15 C

Correctly maintained haul roads are extremely important in an underground mine. Veekmas FG 15 C has been especially designed for efficient operation in restricted and demanding underground environments. This unique low-profile motor grader is of highest quality and economical at the same time.

Increased ability for hard conditions

The main frame and the chassis of Veekmas FG 15 C are highly strengthened. Its sturdy, reinforced structure is many times stronger than that of conventional motor graders, making 16 ton Veekmas FG 15 C well able to withstand the toughest mining conditions. The technical solutions make it easier to operate effectively in small dimensional and sharply curved mine galleries.

The joints are especially strong because they comprise of straight pins and bushings. There are no ball joints on Veekmas FG 15 C. The frame articulating joint is situated under the fore of the cabin, which eases turning and reduces outer turning radius. The drawbar circle is wholly screened so that impurities do not damage the drawbar circle.

Blade shock suspension system

Low oil pressure and advanced hydraulic system with an automatic hydraulically operated blade shock suspension installation give the motor grader increased ability to absorb impact damage normally associated with hard mining circumstances. It means that the middle blade moves up to 10 cm upwards without jumping the motor grader itself when driven over materials too hard to grade down at the desired level, for example, rocks that protrude over the road level. When needed, the system can be switched off.

Reversed transmission system

The motor grader has so called reversed transmission system which means that the transmission is situated transversally at the back of the motor grader. It brings many benefits, for example, exceptional low cabin noise level, easier maintenance, improved weight distribution, and more efficient cooling. The location of the transmission and the design of the engine bonnet allow an excellent operator visibility backwards for safe reversing.

Operator-friendly cabin

The tiltable ROPS and FOPS certified cabin offers safety and increased operating comfort. The cabin includes as standard, for example, adjustable and air cushioned operator seat as well as openable side windows on both sides. The instrumentation and the controls are conveniently located and readily visible for ease of operation. The front wheels can be controlled with a steering wheel, but also with a joystick-steering when the machine operating on working gears. These features coupled with the exceptional maneuverability enable the motor grader to be readily operated whilst still maintaining its excellent operator visibility.

Technical specification


Weight (excluding optional equipment anc extra weights) 19,300 kg
Rear axle weight 13,900 kg
Front axle weight 5,400 kg


Height 2,930 mm
Width 2,550 mm
Length 9,400 mm
Wheel base 6,470 mm
Outer turning radius (without a front blade) 7,500 mm


Volvo Penta TAD880VE
160 kW / 1,500–2,200 rpm
EU Stage V
Electronic control
VTG turbo compressor
Electronic protection and information system
Warning light for overheating and low oil pressure
Openable engine bonnet with a light which is switched on automatically when opening the entine bonnet


Hydrodynamic Ergopower transmission ZF 6WG-210
Gear shift manual/automatic
Torque converter
Converter lock-up automatism
Electronic gear shift and control

Rear Axle, Bogie:

Thordab bogie
100% differential gear lock
Dual-circuit hydraulic dry-disc service brakes
Low oil pressure warning system
Spring Applied Hydraulic Release (S.A.H.R.) parking brake, dry disc, effect on cardan shaft
Emergency brake as an option in one circuit
Four-wheel drive


Fuel tank 300 litres


Iqan-controlled, load sensing system with automatically self-adjusting system
Pre-control, electronically pre-controlled valves


Hydrostatic front wheel steering
Hydrostatic side impact protected frame steering ±32°


Size 17.50R25
Sliced tread pattern blocks

Middle Blade:

Blade shock suspension installation
Length 3,635 mm (12 ft) or 3,940 mm (13 ft)
Blade cutting edges
Material thickness 22 mm
Height 530 mm + 40 mm
Max ground clearance 450 mm (360 mm under bogie)
Blade rotation by hydraulic cylinders 2 pcs
Blade is turned 66° to the right and 64° to the left
Overload protection


Tiltable ROPS and FOPS certified cabin