Own premises in Kitee, Sastamala and Bålsta

Premises in Tolosenmäki, Kitee

Veekmas Ltd’s premises have been enlarged frequently as the business has grown. The company has own premises of more than 10,000 m2 in Tolosenmäki, Kitee, in the immediate vicinity of the railway station and main road 6. Furthermore, the company has an engineering department and an outrented assembly hall of ca. 600 m2 close to Sastamala (ex Vammala) centrum.

Veekmas Ltd’s subsidiary, Veekmas Svenska AB, is located in Uddevalla, Sweden.

Main place of business in Tolosenmäki, Kitee

Assembly hall and offices in Kitee

Karelia meeting room and storage hall as well as new assembly hall and offices in Kitee

Karelia assembly hall in Kitee

Steel components storage hall in Kitee

Paintshop and storage hall in Kitee

Washing facilities and storage hall in Kitee

Storage hall in Kitee

Sand plasting hall in Kitee

Own heating station and wooden chips storage in Kitee

Karelia meeting room in Kitee

There are also a pool table and a piano in Karelia meeting room

Premises in Sastamala

The premises in Sastamala are located in Harjukatu 3.

An engineering department and a subletted hall in Sastamala

Veekmas Svenska AB’s premises

Veekmas Svenska AB’s premises in Bålsta are located in Spjutvägen 34.

Veekmas Svenska AB has a comprehensive spare parts storage in Bålsta

Veekmas Svenska AB has spare parts storage and offices in Bålsta