Veekmas Ltd is the Nordic countries’ only motor grader manufacturer and a pioneer in the motor grader technology. The company has specialised in the engineering, manufacturing and product development of high-class motor graders since 1982. Veekmas motor graders have been designed for the demanding conditions in the Nordic countries but also low-profile underground motor graders have been delivered to mines all over the world.

Basic principles

Our long-term experience, entrepreneurship background, and continuous customer oriented design bring solutions which represent the technological top of the industry. We manufacture long-lasting, practical and environmentally friendly motor graders which are of highest quality and economical at the same time. We are also engaged in contracting business which guarantees the practicality of the product development.

Flexible service

Veekmas Ltd is a flexible company that finds solutions to its customers’ needs without arm wrestling. The comfortable operating features, strength, and mechanical efficiency of our motor graders are incomparable. Several Finnish municipalities as well as our far foreign customers have confirmed the excellence of our motor graders.

Future technology for today’s needs

Today we have produced in excess of 300 Veekmas motor graders and Veekmas UG motor graders to a variety of satisfied customers world wide, for example, Spitzbergen, Australia, Mongolia, Zambia and Bolivia. When the more than 60-year-old history of Vammas RG motor graders – as much as a thousand motor graders – are combined with Veekmas motor grader expertise and advanced high technology, the final result is a motor grader that represents tomorrow’s technology and meets also the most demanding requirements.