Motor Graders

Our long-term experience, entrepreneurship background, and continuous customer oriented design bring solutions which represent the technological top of the industry. We manufacture long-lasting, practical and environmentally friendly motor graders which are of highest quality and economical at the same time. Veekmas motor graders are manufactured on made-to-order basis, taking each customer’s individual needs and wishes into account. Our motor graders have unique technical properties which our competitors’ products do not have. Our continuous aim is always to be a couple of steps in front of our competitors.

Strong construction

The construction of the frame, drawbar circle and chassis are the strongest in the market. Strong construction does not vibrate and is not flexible either in hard working conditions. The sturdy steel main frame and the most components in the drawbar circle can even be recycled at the end of the product life cycle, which also proves the strength of the components. The joint construction of the drawbar circle consists of straight pins and bushings, and no ball joints are used in the drawbar circle.

High-class components

Quality and practicality are the most important factors when selecting components and spare parts. The motor graders are constructed with world-renowned and proven components which are commonly available. The best components are chosen and they are installed in accordance with the installation instructions given by the original manufacturers. Because of the strong construction and the high-class components the need for spare parts is minor in comparison with more lightly constructed motor graders.

Functioning and long-lived quality products

The quality of Veekmas motor graders means above all economic efficiency and long term profitability. The seamless cooperation and open communication between parties make sure that the end result is a functioning and long-lived quality product which keeps well its resale value.