Veekmas FG 244 and FG 246

Four wheel drive Veekmas FG 244 and six wheel drive Veekmas FG 246 are new motor grader models which are resultant masterpieces of customer criteria oriented, and thorough practise and experimental design work. The best features of both FG and RG motor grader models are joined together in Veekmas FG 244 and Veekmas FG 246 in a compact form. The model combines operator-friendliness, efficiency, and vehicle agility in an optimal way.

New and compact go-getter

Nimble and powerfull Veekmas FG 244 and FG 246 motor graders are compact in size and offer esier maintance for their users. They are advanced motor grader models especially for road construction and road maintenance works. The easy construction of Veekmas FG 246 front wheel drive, its automated controlling system, and exact anti-slip regulation enable optimal traction in all conditions. The outer turning radius of RG Motor Graders is the smallest in the market.

Correctly controlled power and accuracy

The powerfull elektronic controlled motor with torque converted and lock- up automation gearbox allows powerfull and friendly environment working. A driver can choose automatic or semi automatic function. Strong bogey with gearwheel is manifactured specially for hard work and high speed. The short frame and small turning circle gives excelent qualities, which do justice especially in narrow street and real estate construction works.

Modern hydraulic control technics

The electronic can-bus based Iqan machine control and monitoring system allows a diversified blade automatism and separate settings for different operators or different operating conditions. The setting adjustments can also be made by the factory. The fault finding process is also facilitated, thanks to the informative fault codes and remote access to the machine. The middle blade rises automatically when reversing with floating activated. The windrow spreader and the snow-stop also rise automatically from operation when reversing. The control of the output of the electrically pre-controlled hydraulic system is stepless and takes place by propo valves. The operator can adjust the maximum speed of the hydraulics according to his needs – especially in conditions which require special accuracy.

Ergonomic and operator-friendly cabin

Working with Veekmas FG Motor Graders is always controlled and safe thanks to the advanced ergonomic controls. The tiltable ROPS-certified cabin includes as standard, for example, a CD-player, automatic cabin-integrated air-condition, an air-cushioned and heated operator seat, dark tinted glass, openable side windows, as well as heated rear-view mirrors. The front wheels can be steered by a joystick with a two hands control lever system, while operating the machine on working gears.

Technical specification


Weight (excluding optional equipment and extra weights) 18,900 kg
(Veekmas FG 246: 19,300 kg)
Rear axle weight 14,000 kg
(Veekmas FG 244: 14,000 kg)
Front axle weight 4,900 kg
(Veekmas FG 246: 5,300 kg)


Length 8,941 mm
(Veekmas FG 246: 8,960 mm)
Width 2,500 mm
(Veekmas FG 244 2,500 mm)
Height 3,300 mm (without warning light panel)
Outside turning radius 6.95 m


Perkins 1206F-E70TTA 7,0
205 kW / 2200 rpm
EU State V
Maximun torque: 1,257 Nm / 1,400 rpm


Hydrodynamic Ergopower transmission ZF 6WG-210
Gear shift manual/automatic
Torque converter
Converter lock-up automatism
Electronic gear shift and control
Max transfer speed 50 km/h
(Veekmas FG 246: 30 km/h when driving with front wheel drive)

Noise Level:

External noise level 80.5 dB(A) according to directive 74/151/EEC (distance 30 m)

Front Axle:

(Veekmas FG 246: driven Naf axle with automatic differential gear lock)

Rear Axle, Bogie:

Thordab bogie
100% differential gear lock
Dual-circuit hydraulic dry-disc service brakes
Parking brake, dry disc, effect on cardan shaft
Emergency brake as an option in one circuit
Four-wheel drive (six-wheel drive as an option)


Fuel tank 400 l


Iqan-controlled, load sensing system with automatically self-adjusting hydraulic output
Main hydraulics, axial piston pump
Pre-control, electronically pre-controlled valves
Front wheel drive hydraulics:
Variable displacement pumps and wheel motors
Max drive pressure 300 bar (max 380 bar)
Max trancion force 2,400kg (max. 3,000 kg)


Hydrostatic front wheel steering ±50°
(Veekmas FG 246 ±40°)
Hydrostatic side impact protected frame steering ±35°
Frame steering follows automatically front wheel steering
Automatic return of frame steering to middle position



Middle Blade:

Length 3,965 mm (13 ft) or 3,660 mm (12 ft)
Blade cutting edges
Material thickness 25 mm
Height 610+40 mm
Blade extent 2,650 mm from wheel outer edge
Max blade side tilt angle on the right side, upwards 62°
Max blade side tilt angle on the right side, downwards 29°
Max ground clearance 650 mm
Hydraulic blade tilt 40–110°
Blade rotation by hydraulic cylinders 2 pcs
Overload protection


ROPS certified cabin