Veekmas Svenska AB in Sweden is looking for a Technical Salesperson

Are you a person who enjoys making big deals? Do you have a strong technical background? Great! We have a job for you.

Veekmas, the only manufacturer of motor graders (väghyvlar) in the Nordic countries, is looking for a Teknisk Säljare to join our team in Bålsta.

We are a good match if you like to do sales and meet new people, and you have technical skills background. If you also have an entrepreneurial mindset, we are a perfect match.


As a Teknisk Säljare you will be selling our motor graders and spare parts to our clients in Sweden. Every deal is different, but one thing is for sure: the deals are big. One deal can be more than half a million euros.

We are a Finnish company but we wouldn’t exist without Swedish clients, so we want to serve them in the best possible way. It’s important that you are a person with technical background, so that you will be able to give our clients technical support with the help of the factory experts in Finland whenever they may need it.

You will work closely with your colleague who takes care of the spare parts delivery at the Bålsta office. You will naturally get a lot of support from your Finnish colleagues who have been working with motor graders for years and years.

Travelling will be part of your job but you don’t usually need to travel every week.

Why should I come to work for you?

You will get to work in a very unique field since we are the only motor grader manufacturer in the Nordic countires. We are a small, family-owned company, so this is a lifestyle for us. Therefore we hope you are eager to dive into the special world of motor graders.

Technology is evolving constantly, and as a Teknisk Säljare you will have unlimited opportunities to grow professionally. We appreciate our employees’ opinions highly. This means that you will get to participate in the development of our motor graders and spare parts.

Less bureaucracy, more flexibility. That’s what we believe in. We are fast at decision making, so your idea can turn into reality sooner than you thought.

Last but not least, salary is of course negotiable.


What do you expect from me?

●   Good social skills. You will deal directly with our customers, so it’s important you actually like to interact with people.

●   Sales experience. You will sell our products and make quotes to our customers, so it’s good you have at least some experience from technical product sales.

●   Technical background. You answer our clients’ questions and help them to solve their problems together with the help of your Finnish colleagues, so an applicable education and a knowledge of heavy vehicles, mechanics, hydraulics and electronic systems helps you to succeed in this job.

●   Good language skills. You will mainly use Swedish and English, so it’s important you are fluent in both languages. If you happen to know some Finnish, it is a big advantage but definitely not a must.

I want this job! What should I do next?

Great to hear! You can apply easily with or without a CV or cover letter, for example, by answering a few questions below:

In what field do you have a degree or education?

What kind of sales experience do you have?

How many years of sales experience do you have all together?

What language skills do you have?

Describe the qualifies you have that would make this job perfect for you?

The last day to apply for this job is March 8, 2024. We recommend that you apply immediately because we will fill in this position as soon as we find the right person.

If you want to talk more about the job, you can call Sanna Halttunen (+358 50 323 2600) or send her an email:

About us

Veekmas är Nordens enda väghyveltillverkare och en pionjär inom väghyvelteknologin. Företaget har sedan 1982 specialiserat sig på konstruktion, tillverkning och produktutveckling av högklassiga väghyvlar.

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