Veekmas FG 15 C to Zinkgruvan Mining AB

Veekmas Ltd delivered a low-profile UG motor grader Veekmas FG 15 C to Zinkgruvan Mining AB in Sweden. The motor grader is Zinkgruvan Mining AB’s second Veekmas FG 15 C. Veekmas FG 15 C represents Veekmas’ largest UG motor grader model with the height from 2,660 to 2,710 mm, outside turning radius of 7,075 mm, weight of ca. 19,000 kg, and Volvo Penta TAD870VE Final IV engine with 160kW.

The main frame and the chassis of Veekmas FG 15 C are highly strengthened. Its sturdy, reinforced structure is many times stronger than that of conventional motor graders, making Veekmas FG 15 C well able to withstand the toughest mining conditions.

Veekmas Ltd has several UG motor graders in production at the moment.

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