Uudet tiehöylämallit Veekmas FG 246 ja FG 244 saivat erinomaisen vastaanoton

The newest Veekmas motor grader models, six-wheel dive Veekmas FG 246 and four-wheel drive Veekmas FG 244 have been welcomed favourably on the market. Veekmas FG 246 and Veekmas FG 244 motor graders bring together the best features of FG and RG motor grader models in a very compact package. Veekmas FG 246, total weight of 19 300 kg and Veekmas FG 244, total weight of 18 900 kg, are efficient and advanced motor graders for road construction and road maintenance tasks.

The easy construction of the front wheel drice system of Veekmas FG 246 as well as the automation of the control system of the front wheel drive system and exact anti-slip regulation enables optimal traction power in all circumstances.