Veekmas Oy represents the following companies and products:


Veekmas Oy represents Ciaponi centralized lubrication systems in the Nordic countries.

Ciaponi manufactures centralized lubrication systems which are designed and implemented to specific applications to suit many different needs of the customers.

Ciaponi is an extremely dynamic Italian company that has been built over the years of systems design, production and quality control technology.

Ciaponi has gradually expanded its market beyond national borders and established in many European countries.

Veekmas Oy represents MOBA blade tilting automatism systems on motor graders in the Nordic countries.

MOBA develops and manufactures customized components and userfriendly system solutions. For more than 25 years MOBA has developed high-end slope sensors for extreme applications.

Controlling motor grader blades at high working speeds at a constant slope is only one application where MOBA has gathered know-how and a high reputation.

The various applications reveal that it is compelling to tailor slope sensors to the application they are used in. Impact of acceleration, requirements on exactness and linearity substantially differ depending on the application sensors are used in.