Veekmas Ltd is the Nordic countries' only motor grader manufacturer and a pioneer in the motor grader technology

The company has specialised in the engineering, manufacturing and product development of high-class motor graders since 1982. Veekmas motor graders have been designed for the demanding conditions in the Nordic countries but also low-profile underground motor graders have been delivered to mines all over the world.

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Ten years from the business acquisition

Ten years ago our family business Veekmas Oy acquired from state owned Patria its whole motor grader business operation which Patria’s subsidiary carried out in Vammala, Finland, and Uddevalla, Sweden. Veekmas Oy become with the business acquisition the Nordic countries’ only motor grader manufacturer and an international group. We doubled our size in a moment.

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Renewed Veekmas RG Motor Graders

Veekmas RG 281 and RG 286 motor graders have gone through a substantial renewal process. Now also on RG motor graders the gearbox is located at the back on the motor grader. This gives many substantial advantages such as easier maintenance and better reversing visibility. The motor grader has renewed rear and among other things redesigned engine bonnet. The higher weight guarantees better driving capacity. RG motor graders now also have an advanced IQAN control and monitoring system.

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Veekmas Ltd received an order for three motor graders from Norway

Veekmas Ltd received an order for three six wheel drive motor graders Veekmas RG 286 from Norway. The motor graders were ordered by Mesta which is the largest road building and road maintenance company in Norway. The motor graders will be delivered to the customer at the end of this year. Two of the motor graders will be delivered to Northern of Norway to the reach of the Arctic Ocean and the third one elsewhere in Norway. Veekmas dealer in Norway is Hesselberg Maskin AS.

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Renewed Veekmas FG 2428 and Veekmas RG 281 at MaskinExpo 2017

We exhibit renewed Veekmas FG 2428 and four wheel drive Veekmas RG 281 at MaskinExpo at the familiar location in STOXA on May 18–20, 2017. Come and see our motor graders as well as also meet other "grader guys" and our staff team from Sweden and Finland. See you at MaskinExpo at our new stand location # 1616!

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