Veekmas Ltd is the Nordic countries' only motor grader manufacturer and a pioneer in the motor grader technology

The company has specialised in the engineering, manufacturing and product development of high-class motor graders since 1982. Veekmas motor graders have been designed for the demanding conditions in the Nordic countries but also low-profile underground motor graders have been delivered to mines all over the world.

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We are strengthening our office team

We are strengthening our office team with a new employee. Bachelor of Business Administration Katariina Tyynelä will be working as an assistant at Veekmas Oy with sales, export, purchase and financial administration. Katariina has years of experience in entrepreneurship, and she also has experience on foreign sales and import as well as financial administration. We are welcoming Katatiina as part of our Veekmas team!

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Senior Technical Sales and Support started at Veekmas Svenska AB

Veekmas Svenska AB has strengthened its team with a new employee. Senior Technical Sales and Support Peter Alsterstål works with motor grader and spare parts sales as well as technical product support. Peter has a very long experience on technical sales and product support. We are welcoming Peter as part of our Veekmas team!

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We furthen strengthen our organization

We are strengthening our technical team with a new employee. Automobile engineer Arttu Räisänen will work as the new Sales and Purchasing Engineer at Veekmas Oy with spare parts sales, purchasing, documentation, production support and quality control etc. Arttu has several years' experience on vehicle inspector and technical spare parts seller. We are welcoming Juha as part of our Veekmas team!

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Gravel road rehabilitation demonstration to Minister Anne Berner

Minister of Transport and Communications Anne Berner visited once again Veekmas Ltd. This time Minister Berner and Member of Parliament Hannu Hoskonen observed how gravel road rehabilitation is made correctly and cost-effectively. First in the demonstration the central ridge was cut away. The second step was to recover gravel material back to the road from the ditch bank. The final part of the demonstration included shaping the road surface with correct inclinations in both directions. The Minister was further convinced how significant a motor grader is in gravel road rehabilitation and maintenance.

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